High quality video for Catholic fundraising

When you think 'fundraising video' do you think of a talking head asking you for money? Probably. Or maybe you think of an 'in-pew weekend' where the congregation rolls their eyes that they have to stay a few minutes longer at the end of Mass to watch a video with cheesy music and old footage. But, fundraising videos can be much more. What if you were able to tell a story that INSPIRED people to support you cause? What if you were able to encourage people to follow Christ more fully by watching your fundraising video?
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What CAST Offers

CAST offers creative, professional, and high-quality videos for Catholic fundraising initiatives. These videos clearly express the fundraising goal while simultaneously inspiring people to give through the power of storytelling.

Why Choose CAST

CAST has a unique structure, with a lead Executive Director that organizes contractors for each project as needed. This structure allows CAST to expand and contract as needed, while always meeting the needs of clients. CAST is a comprised of devout Catholics who know the Faith intimately use that knowledge to create beautiful and convincing media.

Our Team's Experience

CAST has worked with dioceses, Catholic organizations, and Catholic schools to produce videos for a variety of fundraising events. These events include: capital campaigns, annual appeals, and gala videos.
CAST videos are powerful because we use narrative-based videos that viewers are inspired by and thus desire to support the initiatives they see featured.

What Our Clients Say

'The Diocese of Austin has worked with CAST Video Studio for several years. We believe in producing high-quality videos for our website and social media and Cast Media delivers every time. It is important now more than ever to have great videos to add to your overall stewardship and development strategy. They are easy to work with, highly organized and have a strong Catholic identity in their conversations and the videos they produce.'
Scott Whitaker
Secretariat Director for Stewardship & Development
Diocese of Austin

'CAST translated the message that Catholic education brings to children in the Diocese of Austin: Hope! They brought to life the beautiful innocence of children as their budding faith inspires them to ask questions and declare their love for Jesus. Using CAST for our media needs proved invaluable for our fundraising plan as we raised much needed funding and gained new donors with emotion provoking content and delivery.'
Andrea Bizanelli
Associate Director of Development and Marketing
Office of Catholic Schools

'We turned to CAST Media to produce a video on behalf of a parish client that captures a vision for a new parish Learning Center to promote the spiritual life of parishioners and calls them to action. Gifted filmmakers, Leslie and her team possess unique artistic vision, bring a spiritual lens to all that they do, and are a pleasure to work with. Thanks to their ideas, creativity, and flexibility to suit the parish’s needs they helped us produced a video that truly excites and rallies the community around the vision for the future.'
Vashti Emigh
CCS Fundraising Director

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See our portfolio for examples of our work.