Why do people travel to places like Rome, the Holy Land, Fatima, etc.? For believers, the answer typically pertains to the rich spiritual significance these places hold. Travel becomes more than seeing beautiful sights and learning about history, it becomes an opportunity to encounter the beauty of Christ and His Church.

CAST leads small group (12 people) pilgrimages to Rome and other regions of Italy so that people can experience the heart of the Catholic faith and come to deepen their own relationship with Jesus Christ.
Next pilgrimage: May 29 2021 - June 6, 2021.

This nine day pilgrimage will explore the rich history of the Catholic faith, offering pilgrims the opportunity to go to daily Mass in the same places the saints walked and martyrs offered their lives. The pilgrimage will be a combination of historical tours and opportunities for spiritual growth. The pilgrimage will be friendly to those with limited mobility, limiting walking to .5 miles at a time.
The pilgrimage will include:
The Vatican
Vatican Museums
Scavi Tour
Roman Forum and the Colosseum
Historical City Center (Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona, etc.)
Wine tasting
A two night trip to Assisi

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What People Say

'Our pilgrimage to Rome and Assisi, Italy was a once in a lifetime experience! It truly deepened our faith by opening the doors to new questions and avenues to be explored. The knowledge and insight shared with us by Father Elliot and our tour guides opened our hearts to the Holy Spirit. We also enjoyed the ins and outs of Rome that we would have otherwise not experienced if we were not on this pilgrimage.'
Anthony and Samantha Cadle

'Coming back to Catholicism after a 10-year absence, our pilgrimage to Rome opened my eyes to the beauty and tradition of our Catholic faith and strengthened my faith as a believer. I was able to form bonds with strong Catholic men and women of like minds that will last a lifetime!'
Georganne McClain